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Scenes of Rare and Un/Natural Beauty
(Three-part video, 2014)

Created on the laH Artist Itinerancy (curated by Dillon De Give)

Three short films created during participation on the laH Itinerancy. Each participant was asked to describe the experience of their surroundings in as much detail as possible. Their verbal depiction was then matched to a single shot of video footage taken at the same time. 

The laH Artist Itinerancy was a short-term engagement in which a group of artists exited New York City on foot. The laH Artist Itinerancy occured in conjunction with the 6th year of laH, an annual walk that commemorates the spirit of “Hal" (a wild coyote who appeared in Central Park in 2006 and died shortly after being captured and re-released in the wild). The path of the itinerancy illustrated one possibility of how the animal might have found its way into Manhattan. The walk was 45 miles. 
The project was an opportunity to witness a gradual shift between urban and natural surroundings, tracing a path that skirted up against social, political, historical and geographical rhythms, establishing a negotiated trajectory between urbanity and wilderness.

The itinerancy was guided by artist Dillon de Give.

A map of the walk can be found here: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms


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