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Salt Walk #1
(Walked Performance, Salt, Sack, Backpack, 2013)

Collaboration with Nikki Kane

Participants met at artists' place of work at 17:00, the end of the working day.

A plastic sack was filled with salt and placed in a backpack. A hole was made in the bottom of the sack. 

Participants walked from the place of work at 15 North Claremont Street, Glasgow, G3 7NR to The Pipe Factory performance space, Glasgow, G40 2LA. 

Salt, once a sought after and valuable commodity traded by Glasgow merchants in the 1500s, was used to mark a trail across the city. 

Participants and artists took turns carrying the backpack from west to east, through the Merchants City and the Saltmarket. Performance ended when they arrived at The Pipe Factory, marking the end of the labour and the beginning of the artists´ leisure time. 


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