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Please Wait to be Seated
(Performative installation, 2014)

A performative installation in the Arches Cafe Bar & Restaurant specially commissioned for Arches Early Days Referendum Festival.

On arrival to the restaurant diners were seated according to income, with tables demarcated into 4 sections: £0-£10k, £10k-£20k, £20-£40k and £40k+. Once seated, diners were presented with a debate topic, updated daily, to accompany their meal. At the end of their meal diners used the table voting design (with quadrants for 'Yes'/'No'/'Don't Know'/'Don't Care'), placing their empty plates and glasses in the selected quadrant, to take a photo of their collective decision. Their decision was then uploaded onto Twitter and Instagram using #pleasewaittobeseated to compare their decision with fellow diners via the live social media feed being projected in the space. The installation also featured a new permanent light installation 'For Everyone', specially commissioned for the festival.

All images here taken from #pleasewaittobeseated, used in the installation.


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